About Us / The Herit-Us Project

The Herit-Us Project aims to develop and implement competences for sector operators and potential users of cultural heritage. It particularly applies to accessibility to cultural heritage for two main categories: sensory accessibility for special needs users and cognitive accessibility for developing new audiences in order to promote an innovative perceptual approach to the infinite benefits of awareness of our collective surroundings. The project aims to make the community the protagonist and reach citizens outcast by elitist cultural practices. The democratisation of access to heritage is the founding principle.

Each of the 4 Fairs belonging to the European Network of Heritage Fairs will create, during their respective events, a series of sub-events exploring the two main categories of sensory and cognitive accessibility. The sub-events (2 per partner) may be seminars, conferences, workshops, presentations of new technologies, artistic performances and meetings discussing new educational trends and approaches with the aim of creating connections that can be shared between participating countries and operators in the cultural field.

The output of the project is a multi-lingual interactive platform of the best practices for sensorial and cognitive accessibility to heritage presented during the events, divided into scientific research; new technologies; education and training; cultural mediation; and audience outreach and development.

For more information visit the website: heritus-project.eu